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The Mason Taylor Show is for those who feel that there must be more to this conversation around health than what is out there already and are ready to AWAKEN their Instincts and Enchantment once more to truly experience your Potential for Health. Each week Mason interviews thought leaders, visionaries and change-makers in many areas of life to share with you their latest Insights, Distinctions and Actionable Advice relevant to YOUR journey of health. Get ready to experience health, life and the world on a WHOLE new level!

Nov 27, 2017

It’s Movember around the world and that means the focus is once again on men’s prostate health, so this week I dive deep with men’s health specialist Dr Ralph Esposito. While much of the mainstream is focused on treating men’s prostate and hormonal imbalances when its too late, Dr Espo and I explore how we can integrate practices and herbs into our lives so that optimal sexual health (and beyond) can be maintained. We explore the effect that pornography has on men’s health and erectile dysfunction and how we can overcome this with some simple processes. Physiological factors play a huge part in this dysfunction and they are heavily discussed. The physiological harm of stress on men’s health leads to some wonderful insights about why we need to be keeping stress down if we want erectile and hormonal function to be strong. Adaptogenic herbs are at it again in helping maintain optimal health and I loved the herbs Dr Espo is using, I’ll be upping their intake and I’m sure you’ll be doing the same. The depth of insights into how to get a hormonal flow that leads to sexual potency, a long life and potentiated health is inspiring and there are some great surprises for you in regards to how simply raising testosterone isn’t the answer to getting better sexual function. 

In this podcast we cover:

  • Dr Ralph’s path into holistic medicine and becoming a practitioner
  • Anabolics and performance enhancing drugs in the sports world
  • Alternatives to testosterone replacement therapy
  • Identifying signs & symptoms of androgen deficiency
  • Targetting erectile dysfunction in young and older males
  • Herbal therapeutics for augmenting androgen production
  • The impact of estrogen on male health
  • DHEA & Progesterone supplementation
  • Sleep – The forgotten hero in augmenting testosterone production

My specialty is in integrative urology and men's health. I have experience writing, educating and reviewing in areas such as male and female urological conditions, prostate disease, hormonal issues, andropause, fertility, exercise, men’s health and sexual health. My journey into healthcare and wellness began at NYU, a Bachelor’s in Nutrition & Dietetics and Pre-medical studies. In 2011 I began my research and work with Dr. Geovanni Espinosa at NYU Smilow Integrative and Functional Urology Center. I continued at NYU during my medical training and I still work closely with Dr. Espinosa.

To stay current but also to be involved with the future of medicine, I hold a position as adjunct professor at NYU where I lecture on integrative nutrition. My passion for medicine continued into medical school, where I obtained my naturopathic medical degree and my master's in Acupuncture. I had the honor of working with top tier physicians including Dr. D'Adamo, where my personalized approach to medicine flourished.

Food as medicine is as much a part of naturopathic medicine as it is of my strong Italian roots. I love to spend my weekends in the kitchen and my October making homemade wine with my family.



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