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The Mason Taylor Show is for those who feel that there must be more to this conversation around health than what is out there already and are ready to AWAKEN their Instincts and Enchantment once more to truly experience your Potential for Health. Each week Mason interviews thought leaders, visionaries and change-makers in many areas of life to share with you their latest Insights, Distinctions and Actionable Advice relevant to YOUR journey of health. Get ready to experience health, life and the world on a WHOLE new level!

Aug 12, 2021

Today Tahnee chats to Susun Weed (often misspelt Susan Weed), the grandmother of herbs. Susun is a true wise, wild elder, a wonderful story-teller and exposes women to ideas outside of the mainstream. Susun attended the School of Life, and is passionate about everything to do with women, health and herbs. Tahnee and Susun discuss standing in your power regarding your reproductive rights, feminism versus being female and how there are no guarantees in life - we just have to do the best that we can. The ladies chat about empowering women to get back to their intuitive wisdom, via the ancient botanical system. You guys are going to love this one!


You will hear about:

-Susun's view on lying to your health care practitioner about your last moon cycle, to ensure your unborn baby is not induced!

-The true history of blue for boys, pink for girls (who knew?!)

-How Susun makes herbal infusions

-How potent nettle can be for women

-How all minerals are not created equal

-How comfrey can help prevent pregnancy stretch marks

-Mammograms and how they may not be the best measure for breast cancer

-Phytoestrogens versus phytosterols

-How standardisation of herbs is detrimental to the botanicals properties

-Bio-individuality means herbs can have different effects on us



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