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The Mason Taylor Show is for those who feel that there must be more to this conversation around health than what is out there already and are ready to AWAKEN their Instincts and Enchantment once more to truly experience your Potential for Health. Each week Mason interviews thought leaders, visionaries and change-makers in many areas of life to share with you their latest Insights, Distinctions and Actionable Advice relevant to YOUR journey of health. Get ready to experience health, life and the world on a WHOLE new level!

Feb 25, 2021

Keeping the brain nourished, free from toxicity and active is one of the keys to epic health and longevity. In this awesome interview Mason dives deep into the neural world with brain health expert Jo Grabyn. 

Neurodegenration is a current epidemic in the West and it is getting worse. Modern medicine has yet to get to the root cause of the premature ageing of the brain. One of the amazing distinctions to come out of this interview is how there are SIX general types of Alzheimer's, not just one. Mason and Jo explore how lifestyle and environmental factors play major roles in creating these diseases/symptoms; this means the power is in your hands to make changes. 


You will learn:

- The top causes of neurodegernation, including Alzheimer's and dementia

- Lifestyle choices you can make now to prevent the onset of premature ageing of the brain

- Treatment protocols for degeneration of the brain

- Signs to watch out for and act upon early for brain health

- How the gut and brain are connected through the vagus nerve 

- Ways to become a detective and discover the root cause of your brain symptoms

- And heaps, HEAPS more



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