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The Mason Taylor Show is for those who feel that there must be more to this conversation around health than what is out there already and are ready to AWAKEN their Instincts and Enchantment once more to truly experience your Potential for Health. Each week Mason interviews thought leaders, visionaries and change-makers in many areas of life to share with you their latest Insights, Distinctions and Actionable Advice relevant to YOUR journey of health. Get ready to experience health, life and the world on a WHOLE new level!

Dec 13, 2015

Tania Lailani has been rocking the permaculture path, a deep and special expression of gardening, for 25 years. She’s taught all over the world and is currently a custodian (and is living at) a 200 acre property in the Byron Bay Hinterland which is seriously one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been! It’s an amazing food forest and living system that has emerged and thrived from previously being a cow paddock 15 years ago based on her insights, wisdom and experience of working with the natural living systems of nature; with the Earth. This interview will inspire you like crazy to reconnect with the natural patterns of life and nature and generally live an incredible healthy, yet balanced life, no matter where you live. 

We talk about core permaculture and living principles, developing immunity, embodying energy efficiency for the most incredible life possible, immunity, vaccines, community, wild food and heaps more! Tania’s land is where I run my retreat from also, and you get an insight into why it’s so important to have a well tended to land to work with in these instances that support the work that we are doing as humans to heal, flourish and live the best life ever. 

Strap yourselves in for this one, it’s truly enchanting and I know you will absolutely love it. 

Tania doesn’t have a website, but if you sign up for my newsletter over at my website we’ll be doing some videos together to give you some further insights. If you’re up for coming and experiencing it for yourself come along to one of my retreat to immerse yourself in the elements and deeply feel what we are discussing in this interview. 



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