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The Mason Taylor Show is for those who feel that there must be more to this conversation around health than what is out there already and are ready to AWAKEN their Instincts and Enchantment once more to truly experience your Potential for Health. Each week Mason interviews thought leaders, visionaries and change-makers in many areas of life to share with you their latest Insights, Distinctions and Actionable Advice relevant to YOUR journey of health. Get ready to experience health, life and the world on a WHOLE new level!

Jul 30, 2017

Join me in a deep exploration of one of human kinds more wonderful companion plants; cannabis. As a herbal medicine this plant, its many strains and it’s phytochemistry are an obvious inclusion for medicine going forward in creating a holistic and integrated approach to healing the body. Shrouded with controversy and authoritarian suppression, cannabis has been dragged through an intense slander campaign for the past 100 years and has been denied to millions as a medicine we may incorporate into our lives and systems; but that is changing. Justin Sinclair is a patient advocate, herbalist and researcher who is on the front line here in Australia and internationally in bringing forth both the shift in cultural narrative around cannabis as well as the data and lore that blatantly tells us how deeply this plant can contribute to our wellness. We have the sovereign right to access medicine, especially when it offers no threat or harm. In this interview Justin and I explore this subject in depth. 

In this podcast you will learn about:

  • Current efforts in changing the understanding of cannabis in mainstream media 
  • Cannabis prohibition and early propaganda campaigns in the 1930s 
  • Cannabis as an adjunctive medicine to chronic disease 
  • The discovery of the endo-cannabanoid system throughout the last 60 years
  • The potent neuro-modulatory action of cannabis
  • Is cannabis an adaptogen?
  • Anandamide & Endorphin release
  • How Genetic polymorphyisms in the endocannabanoid system may affect an individuals response to cannabis
  • Lack of awareness in our current medical institution on the medicinal value of cannabis
  • The standardisation of CBD and THC isolates
  • Ethnobotany and cannabis use in traditional cultures

Justin has spent decades exploring the diverse field of herbal medicine, both from a scientific and traditional perspective. He journeyed back to Australia to commence his 'formal' studies in 1997 with the University of New England (BHSc Naturopathy) and then completed the Master of Herbal Medicines degree with the University of Sydney's Faculty of Pharmacy in 2004. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Naturopaths & Herbalists Association of Australia, and In 2015, he was appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board of United in Compassion (UIC) which supports the use of medicinal Cannabis in Australia and acts as a hub to support, disseminate and promote safe, equitable and compassionate access to medicinal Cannabis at every stage from cultivation through to finished product. In January 2017, he was appointed as the Head Scientist for the Scientific Advisory Board for UIC.  

Websites links:

The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: The Current State of Evidence & Recommendations for Research (FREE PDF)
Scientific Advisory Board on Medicinal Cannabis: 

National Institute of Complementary Medicine:

Justin Sinclair Website:

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